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About Ngukurr 


Getting to Ngukurr

Ngukurr is located 331 km southeast of Katherine on the Roper Highway.

973 People reside in Ngukurr with a median age of 23 years old.

Boomerang Lagoon, Badawarka, Costello, Lake Katherine, Manbu Manbu, Ngaliwan, Namaliwirri, Ruined City, Turkey Lagoon, Wanmurri and Urapunga.

The people of Ngukurr speak Kriol, Ngalakan, Alawa and English.


Paul Amarant – Ngukurr Council Service Manager (CSM)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (08) 8975 4656

Nathan Rosas – Government Engagement Coordinator (GEC)
Phone: (08) 8975 4387


Ngukurr is accessible by road, air and water. The gravel, Roper Highway is well maintained and can be used by conventional cars during the dry season and 4WD during the wet season. Travel time by road is approximately 3.5 hours from Katherine. Air travel chartered from Darwin is two hours or one hour from Katherine. The airstrip is an all-weather strip and sealed. There is also a landing at Ngukurr for Barge travel. Only during severe flooding at the Roper and Wilton Rivers which occurs only sporadically does the road become inaccessible.

Please be advised that Ngukurr is a closed community; a Northern Land Council (NLC) permit is required to visit this community.


Ngukurr Services

Roper Gulf Regional Council provides a range of Local Government services in Ngukurr including road maintenance and repair, airstrip maintenance and repair traffic management, rubbish collection, upkeep of parks, gardens and weed maintenance, community safety through Night Patrol, companion animal welfare and control, assets and fleet management, sport and recreation, governance support as well as providing access to Centrelink, community care programs for the elderly and the children on behalf of other government agencies. Roper Gulf Regional Council also operates the Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) in the community of Ngukurr.

Also located in Ngukurr are a Health Clinic, School, Store with fuel available, Arts Centre, motel, Airstrip, Boat Jetty, Government Office and Police Station.

There are currently two public telephones in Ngukurr and also Telstra 3G Telephone and Internet coverage. Digital television is connected to all homes and local radio is provided through Roper Gulf Regional Council’s Remote Indigenous Broadcast Services (RIBS). If you would like a message to be broadcasted in Ngukurr, please complete this form.


Local Government and Local Authority Meetings (Governance)
The Roper Gulf Regional Council provides local government in Ngukurr, which sits in the Yugal Mangi Ward.
The Council’s Headquarters is located in Katherine, NT with a Service Delivery Centre located in Ngukurr.