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Katherine has swimming options within town as well as in the surrounding National Parks and Nature Parks. Some you can access in the dry season (like swimming in the Katherine Gorge and the Katherine Hot Springs) and when these close in the wet season, there are others to take advantage of (such as the Southern Rockhole which fills up with the rain).


Within Katherine

  • Katherine Hot Springs
  • Low Level


Outside of Katherine

Nitmiluk National Park

North East Section

  • Southern Rockhole
  • Katherine Gorge
  • Butterfly Gorge

North West Section

  • Edith Falls
  • Upper Pools
  • Sweetwater

Elsey National Park


Umbrawarra Nature Park


Further Away

  • Litchfield
  • Butterfly Gorge


Be Croc Aware


As it is the Northern Territory, you must always be wary of crocodiles. Please take heed of warning signs at water holes.

During the wet season, the rains cause rivers to flood and joining the waterways. This means salt water crocodiles can access the fresh water creeks and water holes. Many of the Territory's popular tourist swimming spots will close throughout the wet season because of the risk of crocodiles, as well as flooding hazards and roads being cut.


The end of the wet season is typically April, and park rangers set traps in all major water holes or swimming areas to catch any stray salt water crocodiles and relocate, before a spot is opened for swimming in the dry season.