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There are numerous water holes, water falls, rivers and billabongs in the Northern Territory. 

The Northern Territory is also known as Croc Territory so please take heed of any warning signs regarding crocodiles being seen or present in marked water holes.

Many travellers think that the crocodile signage is there for photographic purposes. This is not the case. The signs are there because there are crocodiles located in the water or in that immediate area. Swimming in or going near these areas is done at your own risk and if you are sighted within these areas by the Rangers or Police, you could face a hefty fine, unless the crocs get to you first!

During the wet season, the rains cause rivers to flood, which then allows salt water crocodiles to come into the fresh water creeks and water holes. Many popular tourist attractions will close down throughout the wet season because of this reason, along with flooding and roads being cut off. Generally at the end of the wet season which is typically April, the Park Rangers set traps in all major water holes or swimming areas to catch any stray salt water crocodiles.

In the dry season upper and lower pools are open for swimming.



Top Pool at Edith Falls


The Katherine Mineral Springs (aka Katherine Hot Springs) are also open for swimming and there are 6 different pools to choose from.

These are different from Mataranka as Matarank and Bitter Springs are thermal pools.



Top and 2nd pool at Katherine Mineral Springs (Hot Springs)


Katherine Gorge 2nd and 3rd gorges are open for swimming July to September,

however NO SWIMMING is permitted in Gorge1 or the remaining gorges unless otherwise notified.

(This information is subject to change without notice due to weather / rain or other circumstances beyond our control)



Katherine Gorge