Katherine Physio

Location: 16 Fourth Street, katherine NT
Phone: 0430 375 430

Here at Katherine Physio, we offer longer appointment times. This allows us to complete a thorough history and assessment, as well as hands-on treatment. We focus very strongly on long term results and on treating our patients as a whole person, rather than just dealing with an isolated body part.

Hours: Mon - Fr- 8am - 7pm Sat by appointment


Whether you’re an avid sportsperson, want to learn how to strengthen your body, have an injury, or need post-operative rehabilitation work; Katherine Physio is here to help.

Among the highly specialised therapies and proven care we offer, you’ll find:

Aquatic physiotherapy: One-on-one, or in groups, learn how best to strengthen your body, enhance muscle function, and alleviate pain through targeted work in water.

Specialised Women’s Health Physiotherapy: Addressing incontinence, prolapse, ante- and post-natal care, post-surgical care, dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse), and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Hand Therapy: Including custom-made hand splints tailored to your specific needs.

Dry Needling: Used in conjunction with hands-on therapy, dry needling can complement our treatments and aid in symptom relief.

Sports Physiotherapy: Movement analysis; assessment and correction of gym technique; muscle performance optimisation.

Workplace Assessments: Ensure your workplace set-up is promoting good posture, safe habits, and positive work/life balance.

Home Visits: Offered by appointment.

We also treat Workers Compensation and/or DVA clients, and those under a Medicare EPC.

For those with private health coverage, our services can be claimed onsite using HICAPS.

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