Katherine Girl Guides - for girls 5 - 18yo

Location: 4 Stuttered Street, Katherine
Mobile: 0401 107 899

What is Guiding?

Girl Guides Australia is one of the largest organisations in Australia for girls and young women. It provides leadership and personal skills development to its 30,000 members, including 22,000 youth members.

We provide a non-formal educational program that is dynamic and flexible while offering values based training in life skills, decision making and leadership. The Australian Guide Program is delivered to girls by trained volunteer leaders.

We are:

a not-for-profit organisation that involves volunteers at all levels of its operations;
an organisation that involves volunteers in its work to enable our members to gain maximum benefit from the unique knowledge and skills volunteers are able to offer.

Our Mission is to empower girls and young women to grow into confident, self respecting, responsible community members.

Our 2015 Aspiration is to be Australia’s leading organisation for girls and young women in leadership and personal development.


What is the Australian Guide Program?

The Australian Guide Program is a non-formal educational program based on shared leadership and decision-making at all ages.

There are four main elements in the Australian Guide Program: physical, people, practical, and self. The program includes a variety of fun activities that focus on self-development in the areas of practical skills, physical development and relationships with people, appropriate to age and interests. Guides of all ages are involved in decision-making, planning, implementing and evaluating their activities. Within her Unit, the Guide will be a member of a Patrol (4-8 girls), where experiences are shared. Guiding is about being part of a team. Leadership development begins with the youngest Guides and develops as the girls mature.

The program is based around the seven fundamental concepts of Baden-Powell's philosophy: Promise and Law Outdoors World Guiding Guiding Traditions Patrol System Leadership skills Service

The process used in the Australian Guide Program is: Discover, Decide, Plan, Do and Check

A Guide will set herself challenges to carry out to the best of her ability. There are badges and awards to be gained, however earning badges is only a small part of being a Guide. The girls will participate in many activities that they will enjoy and learn from. Their reward will be a great sense of achievement.

The activities could be outdoor adventures such as canoeing, archery, abseiling, camping, skiing, hiking overnight, cooking damper over a fire or just sitting around a campfire singing, chatting and sharing a joke. There are other times, though, when the girls prefer indoor activities such as trying a special recipe, having a go at making something, being creative in the visual or dramatic arts, working as a team to plan your next adventure, finding out about other cultures and religions or learning skills through games. No two meetings are ever the same.

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