Kalano Community Association

Location: McKeddie Road, Katherine NT
Phone: 08 8972 2588
Fax: 08 8971 0105

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4.30pm


Kalano Community Association Inc.

Tel. (08) 8972 2588
Fax (08) 8971 0105
Email jkemp@kalano.org.au

·Community Development Employment Project (CDEP)
·Community Patrol - Tel. 8972 8259, Fax 8971 0105.

A community intervention program working in close liaison with the NT Police, Town Council & other organisation to assist with anti-social behaviour

·Kalano Aged Care Centre - Tel. 8972 8262, Fax 8971 0567.

Home & community care (HACC) for the aged & frail. Providing culturally appropriate residential care, permanent & respite care

The ILC’s Land Management Program is helping the Katherine-based Kalano Community Association to expand its successful commercial gourmet tomato growing business which is providing significant Indigenous employment and training opportunities to its 240-strong membership base in the Northern Territory.

Kalano Community Association Incorporated is a successful, community-based organisation with 240 members. It provides a range of services in Indigenous housing, health, education and employment and runs two commercial operations – Kalano Community Store and Kalano Farm.

Located just north of the Katherine River, Kalano Farm is a 67ha property with fertile flood plain soils, which provide ideal conditions for growing tomatoes and vegetables.

Kalano began development of the farm in 2010 by engaging an experienced farm manager, testing the soils and experimenting with a range of varieties, growing techniques and picking and packing processes. This work concluded that growing conditions on the farm were ideal and subsequently the first crop of tomatoes was successfully delivered to local markets.

This initial success motivated Kalano to contact the ILC to discuss how the ILC could assist the organisation to meet growing demand. Kalano invested its own funds and secured buyers (Woolworths and Katherine-based wholesalers) and, following development of a Business Plan, the ILC worked actively with Kalano to develop an application to assist with funding. Consequently the ILC provided funding for infrastructure development which will help Kalano increase Aboriginal employment over time.

Kalano is the only commercial tomato grower in the NT. The farm now consistently supplies top quality, gourmet style tomatoes. It has a competitive advantage over interstate producers due to its proximity to local NT markets and low freight costs. Kalano has also added capsicums, Roma tomatoes and sweet corn to its range of produce. Through early involvement with the ILC and a partnership approach, Kalano Farm is providing real training and sustainable employment opportunities for its members.

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