Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries - Katherine Research Station

Location: 4391 Stuart Highway, Katherine
Phone: 08 8973 9739
Fax: 08 8973 9777


The production value of Northern Territory (NT) primary industries and fisheries is over half a billion dollars annually. Demand from Asian markets to the north is growing and provides increased opportunity to find niche markets for development of existing NT industries and to facilitate new inward investment in NT primary industries and fisheries.

The Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries has a key role to play in the emerging agenda for the development of northern Australia. Its three areas of focus are growing new industries including diversification of existing production enterprises, protecting industries and market access and providing the specialist services needed for these operations.

It has a strong record serving industry sectors with effective research, development, extension and product integrity assurance services and works with industry partners to convert this opportunity into profitable and sustainable development.

The department strives for innovation, flexibility and excellence in client service and continuous improvement in its operations to achieve the right balance of research, development and regulation to underpin profitable and sustainable growth of the NT economy in accordance with its key strategy document, the Industry Development Plan 2013-2017 (2.5 mb).

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