Blue Sky Therapies - Physiotherapy & Massage

Location: 19 Heron Crescent, Katherine
Phone: 08 8971 1231
Fax: 08 8971 1177

Blue Sky Therapies is favoured among locals as the place to go for the best in physiotherapy services. Our human centred, hands-on sessions treat acute and chronic conditions.

?Our full time physio is Suzanne Rath - her bio is included below.

Joanne Wadsworth is currently enjoying being at home with her gorgeous new baby Anna

We take the time to uncover and treat the underlying cause of your injury to restore balance to your body. This means that less visits are needed because the problem is resolved at the core level.



We are passionate about our work and offer a high level of care and expertise in the diverse services we offer. Our practitioners are leaders in their field who are skilled at treating the underlying causes of illness and injury.

Our health promotion work in schools combines the latest international research from the World Health Organisation with the best that Steiner Education has to offer to todays children.

Moko Soul - Remedial Massage
Health Fund Accredited
Ellie Sheppard, PT

Joanne Wadsworth, PT