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About Us

In July 2015 Top End Group Training Pty Ltd secured the Australian Apprenticeships Support Network Contract (2015 - 2018) and trades as Australian Apprenticeships NT. Australian Apprenticeships NT continues to provide an invaluable service to Apprentices and Employers and many other stakeholders that play a part in the Australian Apprenticeships scheme.

Australian Apprenticeships NT is the only Australian Apprenticeship Network in the NT and is unique in the fact that we are jointly funded by both Australian Government and NT Government to provide both administrative and regulatory functions on their behalf.

Australian Apprenticeships NT are part of many different NT based Committees and Working Groups and will continue to hold these representations to better improve the uptake and completions of Australian Apprenticeships in the NT.

Australian Apprenticeships NT on request can provide Information Sessions directly with schools, employers and potential apprentices and trainees.


Australian Apprenticeships NT

Australian Apprenticeships NT has a joint contract which is jointly funded by the Australian and Northern Territory Government. Australian Apprenticeships NT services all remote communities and Growth Towns, this includes Gateway Services, In-Training Services, regular monitoring visits, sign ups, information sessions, mediation assistance, networking with stakeholders, marketing and promotions of Australian Apprenticeships Pathways and any additional services to Australian Apprentices and Employers as required.

Australian Apprenticeships NT operates full time sites in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

Targeted Services

Gateway Services

Australian Apprenticeships NT provides Gateway Services to Jobseekers looking to start an Apprenticeship Pathway or seeking Career advice for alternative pathways, and to Employers wishing to seek recruitment assistance or advice to employ Apprentices and Trainees in their business. If you’re a jobseeker looking for work, thinking about getting back into work, or an Employer looking to employ an Apprentice or Trainee, Australian Apprenticeships NT Gateway Services have experienced and qualified people who can help. They will provide one-on-one support to help you connect with the learning, training and work opportunities available to you.

Outreach Centres

Australian Apprenticeships NT also has 10 Outreach Centres in remote locations to assist with the Gateway Services from remote communities. Australian Apprenticeships NT has Sub-Contracting Arrangements with Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation – commonly known as ALPA, and Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education – also known as BIITE.

Australian Apprenticeships NT Outreach Centres are set up with hot desk equipped with phone access which can be used at anytime to reach our hotline team, Internet access to register directly to our Recruitment database, and also access to helpful links and information to assist with gaining information about Careers Pathways and much more.

•All candidates undertake preliminary screening to assess their education level, qualifications, and training and occupational preferences.
•Provide information and advice on other services available to individuals, who following the screening process are not suitable to an Apprenticeship Pathways or other VET Pathway.

•Deliver fit for purpose testing, such as LLN and Trade/Qualification specific Aptitude Tests which assess the individual skill level, skill gaps, and aptitude for a variety of training pathways and occupations.
•Where we use the results of the testing to determine appropriate training or employment pathways for the individual.

•Provide information to the individual on training and other service providers which offers suitable courses or programs.
•This also allows to identify individual Case Management needs for implementation during In-Training support.

•Develop and implement methods to match individuals to an Australian Apprenticeship or Traineeship pathway with employers.
•Promote matching services to employers and engage employers in the matching process.

•Provide information and advice on appropriate work practices and effective communication to prepare individuals for the workforce to meet employer expectations.
•Provide information and advice to employers on best practice workplace behaviors to assist them to better understand Apprentice traits and requirements.

Out of Trades Register

Australian Apprenticeships has established the Out of Trades register for apprentices whom have been stood down or had their training contract cancelled due to the economic downturn can register and a Gateway Officer can provide a basic job matching service with employers whom also register when looking for an apprentice. This has been expanded to include all NT Apprentices and Trainees whom wish to complete their qualification.

Australian Apprenticeships NT objective of Gateway Services is about matching the right fit candidates to the right employers, in-turn meeting the expectations of the employers business needs and gaining successful completions of Apprentices and Trainees in the Northern Territory.

Apprenticeship & Traineeship Vacancies

Please click following link to check out our current vacancies

For more information please contact Australian Apprenticeships NT Gateway Team on 088935 8200 or email your enquiry to

In-Training Services

Australian Apprenticeships NT provides high levels of In-Training support which will be provided to Employers, and Apprentices. Referral advice will provided for crisis support for serious issues by referring to or linking with expert support agencies and other speciality service providers. This service will support the apprentices to address serious issues and provide a safety net for self-referral.

For more information please contact Australian Apprenticeships NT on 088935 8200 or email your enquiry to

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