Naturally Yum and Yum

Location: Parap Markets Vickers St, Parap NT 0804
Phone: 0408651368


Naturally Yum is the Northern Territory's best Smoothie and Juice stall and operates at Papap, Nightcliff and Mindil Beach Markets. All drinks are made fresh to order and on-site by our 'drink artistry' staff. Our fresh fruit is sourced from local Top End Farmers and includes Mango, Banana, Watermelon, Pineapple, Limes Rockmelon, and Paw Paw. We also have Strawberries, Blueberries, Lychee, Raspberries, Passionfruit and Orange. Our drinks can be blended with Organic Mint, Ginger and Himalayan Pink Salt. We offer freshly blended Juices, Lassies, Smoothies, Milkshakes and Thickshakes as well as Naturally Yum's "Signature Drink". Yum is also another branch and operates at the Mindil Beach Market. Yum offers up to 20 varieties of ice cream, plus sorbet for those that prefer dairy-free. We also offer kids various ice cream toppings - ice magic chocolate, sprinkles, sherbert sticks or twirls. The business also offers a wide drink variety, including bottled water, soft drinks and provide non-alcoholic wine and beer. Naturally Yum and Yum are two of the most popular stalls at Mindil Beach Markets and are well-known across the Top End for offering a consumer experience like none other.

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