Katherine Town Council

Location: Civic Centre, Stuart Highway, Katherine, NT
Phone: 08 8972 5500
Fax: 08 8971 0305

The Katherine Town Council is dedicated to offering quality services to the people of Katherine. The Council works actively with the community to create a vibrant, safe, happy place that offers attractive business, social and cultural opportunities for everyone.

The Katherine Town Council owns and operates the Katherine Visitor Information Centre, which is located on the corner of Lindsay Street (next to ABC Radio) and the Stuart Highway, just on the edge of town. They have an online booking system allowing you to make all of your tour and accommodation bookings in the privacy of your own home or just at your leisure. Please feel free to visit: www.visitkatherine.com.au.

Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 4.15pm


Often called the 'Crossroads of the North' because of its location, Katherine is the fourth largest town in the Northern Territory and is located 312 km south-east of Darwin on the Katherine River.

With a population of over 10,766 people Katherine is a modern thriving regional center that offers a wide range of services to communities from the Western Australian border to the Gulf of Carpentaria on the Queensland border.

There is a modern air conditioned shopping centre, hospital, sports grounds, parks and gardens as well as a large number of Commonwealth and Territory Government services.

The Municipality of Katherine covers an area of 7421 square kilometres and is located on the beautiful Katherine River, offering excellent fishing, walking and cycling trails and recreational parks and reserves.

The Katherine Region is 336,674 square kilometres, or almost the size of the Australian State of Victoria and the Australian Height Datum has listed the main street of Katherine (at the intersection of Warburton Street and Katherine Terrace) as being 104.57 meters above sea level.

The total population of the region is just over 24,000 people of which 60% identify as Indigenous.

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