Department of Corporate & Information Services

Location: Government House, 5 First Street, Katherine, NT
Phone: 08 8973 8401
Fax: 08 8973 8719

Emergency and safety: emergency contacts, crisis helplines, child safety, crocodile safety and reports, cyclones, floods, emergency kit, short term accommodation.

Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4pm


Arts, sport and leisure: parks and reserves, libraries, archives, sport facilities, arts awards, arts grants, hiking, camping, museums, art centres.

Community support and care: child protection, families, seniors, multicultural communities, community grants, language services, local councils.

Health and wellbeing: where to find information about health and wellbeing in the NT, including hospital information.

Boating, fishing and marine: commercial fishing and aquaculture, marine pests, biosecurity, indigenous fishing, recreational fishing, boat ramps, tides, boat rules and safety.

Driving and transport: buses, driver licences, cycling, penalties, registration, heavy vehicles, road safety and conditions.

Employing people and jobs: apprenticeships, training, looking for work, employer obligations and paying tax.

Housing, property and land: renting, buying, selling or building a home, land supply and clearing, industry information, buying and selling property with pools or spas.

Business and industry: mining and petroleum, remote jobs, agriculture, start a business, doing business with government, liquor licensing, gambling.

Education and learning: early childhood, schools, term dates, special education, financial help and university.

Environment: water, animals, native plants, weeds, environment data, environment protection, home gardens, and soil, land and vegetation.

Your rights, crime and the law: courts, alcohol, consumer rights, births, deaths, marriages, fines and crime.

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