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Overland Oz

Location: 6 Bennett Street Darwin NT 0800



Overland Oz offers outdoor education, camping experiences and tours, connecting people with the richest of Aboriginal places in the Northern Territory. We provide visitors with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the true culture and stunning beauty of outback Australia. We aim to close the gap between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Australians, through interactive cultural experiences and educational activities on country with our Liritja family. Combined with the magic of Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings canyon, Kakadu, Coober Pedy and the Flinders Ranges. True life changing experiences, tailored to the clients needs. Overland Oz’s primary focus in on creating educational adventures catering to the specific needs of both schools and students taking up to 60 students at one time. As part of the tour’s itinerary, a large focus is centred around completing community projects. We have several connections with Elders in the communities who have identified a need, such as sustainable food sources. As part of our tour’s we arrange for the students and the community to work together for 3 days on these projects. This provides the students with a rich work experience, creating connections and memories and allows them to be immersed into a community which they may not have had the opportunity to do otherwise. For the community, they are receiving a service which is enabling them to meet a need and provides opportunities for locals. The projects are sustained through future tours carrying out maintenance such as pruning, fruit picking and weeding and by providing the local community the education and tools required to maintain the work. Secondary to this, Overland Oz can provide chartered tours for big groups bookings. These are within the Northern Territory and based on availability. The tours can vary in length and will encompass the client’s expectations, delivering a knowledgeable and cultural experience. Itineraries are put together based on the client’s needs and location desired. Overland Oz guides are extremely experienced and truly devote their lives to giving clients the best adventure possible. Along with a wealth of knowledge rarely rivalled, our guides are both fun and enthusiastic with a professional outlook towards safety.
Our relationship with Aboriginal Australia brings us even closer to the heart of our amazing country. We can learn the art of dot painting with the Liritja clan, or the ancient art styles of the Binninj people in Kakadu. Learn about an ancient civilisation’s critical relationships with the land and everything living within it.

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