Overland Oz

Location: 6 Bennett Street Darwin NT 0800

Overland Oz - Educational Safari's in the NT



Overland Oz is a Quality Tourism Accredited Business, offering outdoor educational safaris and chartered tours, connecting people with the richest of Aboriginal places in the Northern Territory. Through a multi-day custom itinerary, we provide visitors with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the true culture and stunning beauty of outback Australia. We aim to close the gap between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Australians through interactive cultural experiences and educational activities on country with our Liritja family.

Overland Oz works closely with Schools, taking their students on a journey through the NT, enhancing their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal cultures and ensuring a rich immersive experience which challenges their abilities and encourages self-sufficiency and personal growth. Our unique Overland Oz tours incorporates a yearly project within an Aboriginal community which has been agreed with the Elders and Traditional Landowners. These projects have previously included building an Orchard and creating a memorial. The project enables your students to connect with locals in the community and be involved in the creation of a unifying experience.

Overland Oz educates on Aboriginal culture, storytelling and beliefs, geological history and rock art, explanations of local fauna and flora and their traditional uses, education on fire starting and much more. These aspects combined with a tour of the land exploring hiking trails, waterfalls and bush camping ensures and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

We pride ourselves on close relationships with our clients and work directly with them to arrange dates, tour duration and requirements. Contact Overland Oz to start your journey with us and let us turn your vision into a reality.



NT owned and operated out of Darwin. We organise pick up's and drop off's from a designated location organised with the client.

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