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Bushfire information warning messages




Bushfires are a part of the Northern Territory landscape. These are done for a number of reasons.
For full information on bushfires, please visit Bushfires in the NT


For more information contact the NTFRS Community Education Officer on 8946 4128 or visit Police, Fire & Emergency Services at their web site:


Timber Creek & Victoria River




Timber Creek
Timber Creek was named in 1855 when the explorer Augustus Gregory used timber from the banks of the creek to repair his expedition’s boat. The first inhabitants were the Nagaliwurra and Nangali Aboriginal people, decedents of whom still live in Timber Creek. Today, this small town has a range of accommodation, activities and other facilities for the traveler. Walk along the Heritage Trail to see wildlife, historic sites and pioneer graves.



Top Springs
This rugged road junction links the Buntine Highway and Buchanan Highway and houses the Top Springs Hotel / Roadhouse. Nearby springs provider a relaxing swimming spot. Accommodation, meals, fuel and basic groceries are available from the Roadhouse.


Top Springs Hotel
Accommodation types vary from single backpacker rooms through to hotel and motel rooms, with grassed areas also available for camping and caravan sites. Facilities include a laundry and a communal camp kitchen.
You can enjoy a game of pool or darts in the pub. The hotel has dining facilities with an A la Carte menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a spacious outdoor area for Alfresco dinding. Take away food and snacks
are also available. You can also stock up with supplies at the general store or just pull in to refuel. Diesel and Unleaded. NO LPG available.

Contact details:
Buntine Highway, Top Springs NT 0852
Phone | +61 8 8975 0767
Email | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Victoria River Crossing
The Victoria River Crossing is 194km west of Katherine. The Stunning escarpment country provided the perfect backdrop for fishing and boat cruises, with Red Valley Gorge providing a shady and scenic rest area. The Roadhouse is close to the crossing, with camping and accommodation available. You can even take a helicopter flight over the incredible landscape.

Traveling west from Katherine lays the Victoria River Region. Diverse and awe-inspiring in land forms, history, heritage, abundant wildlife, climate and economic pursuits, the region challenges you to discover its unique attractions.

The Victoria Region covers an expansive area, of which Gregory National Park covers approximately 13,000 sq km. It's affectionately known as “The Vic” and is considered the backbone of the Region. The Vic is a lifeline for pastoral properties; a guardian angel for aboriginal heritage and a tour guide for recreational pursuits. As protective as The Vic can be she can also be unrelenting in her domain. In flood her power is awesome; in arid times she demands survival.

Whether it’s a 4x4 trek in the National Park, desert discovery, nature watching, fishing or cruising the mighty Vic, hiking and bushwalking, scenic flying, magical photography, experiencing the wet season and its thunderstorms or sipping your favorite beverage at sunset, the Region offers an experience for you. The escarpment country is beautiful and in the wet season waterfalls flow straight off the escarpment. You can take a scenic helicopter flight from the Victoria River Roadhouse over the escarpment and mighty Victoria River.   

The Vic is a mecca for fishing and produces some of the Territory’s best and biggest Barramundi. “Barra” can be caught all year round but the best time is on a neap tide, between the months of March to late May-coinciding with the end of the monsoon season called the “Run-off”.It is VERY important to remember that Estuarine Crocodiles (saltie’s) inhabit this area, so please observe all safety precautions/signs around any water way in this region.


Victoria River Roadhouse Hotel/Motel
Victoria Hwy, Victoria River NT 0852
Telephone: (08) 8975 0744
Facsimile: (08) 8975 0819


Big Horse Creek Campground
7km west of Timber Creek, the Big Horse Creek is a popular base for anglers. The grounds offer toilets, fireplaces, limited drinking water and a cement boat ramp which can be used year round.
Campgrounds - Lot 89, Victoria Highway,
Timber Creek NT 08512
Phone: 08 8975 0888

Buntine Highway
The Buntine Highway runs roughly parallel to the Victoria Highway, and offers an alternate route into Western Australia. The road links Dunmurra (NT) with Halls Creek (WA) and passes through Top Springs.

Escarpment Lookout Walk
Located just west of the Victoria River Crossing, this short walk is steep in sections and provides panoramic views of the soaring red rocky escarpments of the Victoria River Valley.


Gregory National Park
This park covers an area of about 13,000km sq and features spectacular gorge scenery, rare wildlife species, and significant traces of Aboriginal culture, European exploration and pastoral history. It is divided into 2 sections – the Victoria river sector in the east and the Gregory sector in the west. The Victoria river sector is near the Victoria river crossing and winds through 250 meter high tablelands, creating dramatic red cliffs. The large Gregory sector lies just outside Timber Creek.

In the Gregory sector, Limestone Gorge provides a superb photographic opportunities. Also of interest is the old cattle property outstation, Bullita Homestead, with its traditional timber stockyards. Facilities at both Bullita and Limestone gorge camping areas include BBQ’s, picnic tables and pit toilets (note: the camp ground at Limestones Gorge is currently closed). Those with a 4WD will love exploring the network or 4x4 tracks.
For more information, contact the Parks and Wildlife office at Timber Creek on (08) 8975 0888. No pets allowed in the park.



Gregory's Tree
Gregory’s tree is located 15km northwest of Timber Creek. This large boab tree stands at the campsite of the early explorer Augustus Charles Gregory’s north Australian expedition which was undertaken between October 1855 and July 1856. Inscribed in the tree by Gregory are the expedition dates. The Tree also has special significance to the local Ngaringman Aboriginal people and is registered as a sacred site.



Heritage Trail
The Heritage trail begins behind the council building and follows a series of historic sites and pioneer graves. This also provides a great spot for viewing wildlife.


Joe Creek Walk
A 90 minute walk of moderate grade, ascending to the base of the escarpment and to a breathtaking view. Aboriginal artwork can be viewed at a site along the walk, and a barbecue, picnic tables and toilet are provided. Day use only.


Keep River National Park
Entry to this park is 3km east of the Northern Territory and Western Australian border. The park is known for its striking landforms, similar in structure to the Bungle Bungle’s. There are some excellent bushwalking tracks that explore the rugged terrain of sandstone formations, including the Keep River Gorge and some Aboriginal art sites. Short-eared rock wallabies, white-quilled rock pigeons and sandstone shrike thrush are some of the interesting animals that inhabit this area. Two camping areas are provided within the park, with BBQ’s, tables, pit toilets and walking tracks. Gurrandalng campground is located 15km from the Victoria Highway, with Jarnem campground further along the track, located 28km from the highway. Drinking water is available at Jarnem campground and 2kms from the Ranger Station. No Pets Allowed.



Kuwang Lookout
47km east of Timber Creek, the Kuwang lookout offers views towards the Stokes Range and houses an interpretive display featuring creation stories of the local Aboriginal people.


Policeman's Point Lookout
A short drive west of Timber Creek, this lookout offers views of the Victoria River winding through rugged hills and ranges. Policemen’s Point offers a good spot to fish from the bank or take in the majesty of the Victoria River.


Police Station Museum
The museum offers an insight into the history of the area, and provides artifacts and photographs on the area. The original ‘lock-up’ is also present, and helps highlight the hardships faced during the settlement of Outback Australia.

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