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Slim Digital

Location: 6 Bennett Street Darwin NT
Phone: 0467733796


At SLiM DIGITAL, we believe that if you aren’t disruptive, you aren’t trying hard enough. We are passionate about assisting businesses promote their product or service by making it resonate emotionally with their target market, on any channel. We devise business plans, new brands and refresh old ones, social media marketing strategies, digital designs and UX, assist startups with crowd-funding, build responsive webpages, mobile apps, and device UI all with the intent of making your business stand out. SLiM Digital is not just a tech company and we will not suggest superficial changes. We will: - Analyse your ideas, business or department. - Assess everything in reference to your core goals and competencies. - Consider your competitors and threats. Lead by our Founder, Aaron, we will take what we have learned about your company and develop a plan that will help get you the attention you need to make a difference.

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