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Roadmaster House - National Trust

Location: 1 McMinn Street Darwin NT 0800, 0801

There are precious few heritage buildings left in Darwin: a remote city in the far North of Australia which has withstood both the Bombing of Darwin in World War II and the devastation of Cyclone Tracy. Roadmasters House is situated in an area of the city which is rich in history, and is a unique example of surviving interwar architecture in Darwin. The House now operates as a museum, and hosts a permanent exhibition documenting the work of engineers and surveyors in the Northern Territory. A gold coin donation upon arrival to the property allows access to this exhibition.

Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 10am - 1pm. Closed for the Monsoon season from the 31st of October.



The National Trust of Australia (NT) is a community based organization committed to promoting, preserving and raising awareness of the heritage of the Northern Territory. Roadmasters House is a heritage building with unique interwar architecture, built to accommodate staff of the North Australia Railway between the 1920’s and 1930’s. .



Roadmasters House is situated at 1 McMinn street, a short walk from Darwin Waterfront Precinct.

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