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Katherine has a number of natural attractions located just on the outskirts of town that most travellers

don't know about, such as the Katherine Springs and the Low Level Nature Reserve and Katherine Gorge.




The Katherine Springs


run alongside but separate to the Katherine River.

There are a number of pools commencing with the very top pool which has the crater pouring out almost hot water from the ground.

As the water pours down over the rock formations, lower pools and tree root systems, the water drops in temperature, getting coo

ler by the minute. 

There are about 6 pools in all, with locals using one long pool for swimming laps. The water is normally crystal clear and is very relaxing.

The natural minerals in the water are said to have healing properties, specially for aches and pains,sore backs and necks.

But, who needs an excuse to enjoy this beautiful place which has free entry.

Swimming hours are between 7am and 7pm and closed outside these hours.


The closure of the Katherine Hot Springs is weather dependent on water levels.

The Katherine Hot Springs are usually closed from November to April due to excess water.

Please check with the Katherine Visitor Information Centre Team open and closures. 





The Katherine Low Level Reserve


is just a short drive down the road from the Springs,

or can be accessed by the walking trail.

There are public toilets, picnic tables, shady spots to throw a rug down and have a picnic. Beautiful, green, lush and peaceful.

It is not advised for swimming.
















Nitmiluk Gorge


There famous Nitmiluk Gorge - other known as Katherine Gorge, is 30 km outside town centre located.

 It's steeped in natural beauty and snakes through the land with 13 different gorges, although not all are accessible. 

Nitmiluk Accommodation and Tours operate the resort, cruises, canoeing and restaurant,

works in with National Parks, and have a series of walking tracks throughout the Gorge.