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Pungalina Station

Location: 150 km SE of Borroloola on the Calvert River, Camberwell 3124

Pungalina is a 500,000 acre wilderness resort with a fully accommodated tented safari camp for a maximum of 12 guests.

Great variety of activities including fishing, canoeing, limestone caves, gorges, thermal springs and bird watching.

A tourist resort on a cattle station with fully accommodated bush camp. Caters for 4WD driveins or flyins.

Hours: April to October each year



PUNGALINA … a wilderness paradise (NT Gulf) - Comments from guest Mr Lysaght.

What is it about Pungalina Station in the Northern Territory and its remote safari camp that makes it a “must do” for anyone with a love of the real Australian outback?

For me it is the opportunity to immerse myself in pristine Australian wildnerness and soak up the atmosphere away from the constraints of urban living. It is also the adventure of doing things not otherwise available to me … fishing for barra, canoeing through steep red gorges, dropping 50 metres into a cave that was only recently discovered by white man but has probably been known to aboriginals for thousands and thousand of years.

Of seeing birdlife I never dreamed existed … the stately jabiru, the size of the bustard, the possessive sea eagle who didn’t like us approaching her nest, terns, wild budgerigars, ibis, brightly coloured parrots and the brilliant azure kingfisher … more than 130 species of birds have been sighted on Pungalina.

Walking through the untouched bush with resident manager, Owen Davies, pointing out bush tucker, sampling nuts and berries from native trees and bushes, and drinking the sweet water from an underground spring.

A thousand and one adventures all waiting to be taken up.

Pungalina is situated about 40 kilometres from the coast on the Calvert River between Hells Gate and Booroloola. It offered me the unique opportunity to experience an undeveloped and stunningly beautiful part of the Australian wilderness that few people are able conceive. It is a far, far cry from my city office desk and its dreaded computer.

Owned by Melbourne couple, Tony and Sandy Kirkhope, and Owen Davies, Pungalina covers some half a million acres of raw Australian bush.



65 kms off the Booroloola to Wollogorang Road. Just west of Wollogorang.
Airstrip on the property 1300m long

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